Quest for the Lost Starfish Pt. 2

The best part of Gokarna trip was meeting new people. But grouping up with others was mostly not my forte. So there I was having my breakfast and beer, on the third day, in the shack and checking out pretty girls (Oh! that I do a lot) and suddenly I heard someone asking “are you traveling alone?”, So I turned my head. It was a guy of around my age sitting at the next table. So after a brief introduction period, all I knew was, he’s a techie from Pune, who is switching his job and utilizing the time in between by travelling from North-East India (Yes! that little part of India that comes after Assam and goes all the way down wrapping Bangladesh around) to Gokarna and is yet to fix his next destination. Now that sounds like people I would easily gel with. And to top of that he never asked me the dreaded question, “What is your name?, what is your religion?” so in another half an hour or so two random strangers were sitting in the same table planning another trip around the town and the beaches, who does not even bothered about each others identity except for the common goal of exploration.


So we set sails, umm no! not literally because that would be outrageous stupid but yeah! our first to-visit spot was again the paradise beach, but this time we made it to our destination without any hiccups; thanks to my previous experience. And along the trails, we met some new bunch of people and some more pretty ladies, but wherever this unfortunate set his eyes, all are taken (Must have skipped some chain messages). In another three-four hours, we were able to hit all the spots and come back healthy.

So it was time for the lunch and some new kids were sitting in the shack when a grumpy drunk fellow walked in. And started abusing the kids in hushed tone because for him, they are wasting their parent’s money and they should have been taught how to behave. While I was thinking whether to engage in an argument with him, I saw Patrick already started defending the kids and their right to enjoy. After his successful attempt to throw the fellow out, Patrick was again back in his usual mood, “drink and be happy”.

Let’s not count the number of beer I gulped down from lunch to evening, but I was decently tipsy, and the Sun was about to set, So I decided to sit on some rock and track the sun until it completely sets. There was a lot of people doing that, just sit there and enjoy the sun setting over the ocean. But I could hear the low strumming of a guitar and someone humming, after a bit of looking here and there, it was some hippie guy meditating, sitting on a big stone and singing English translation of Krishna Bhajan. And it all came together perfectly, the sun setting in the background, the constant sounds of waves crashing on the rocks and his mellow tune. I just sat there like 10-12 other people, listening to everything but not trying to record a thing. Because I’m selfish and I keep some of the memories with me without sharing.

That night I shared my camp space with the new friend, yes by that time he was a friend thanks to similar tastes in music and travel ideas. And we sat by a makeshift campfire with beers (Yes! Again) listening to whatever our phones had to offer (which mostly are Coldplay and Pink Floyd). And then we spotted Patrick, walking at the beach and then after a little finding he sat close the sea so that waves can go past him. All the while we were observing him, and “what is this guy up to?” and with no suitable answer in our head, we got hold of another guy from the shack. It was Patrick’s time of the day when he talks to his long-deceased wife, shares his daily titbits and then goes off to sleep. After all the craziness and all the pranks there he was, a loving husband who lost his wife.


Next morning started again on a happy note, watching the sun rise through the hills and then a run along the beach line was just a right start to the day. We already planned that we will make a trip to the main city, and get our return tickets booked for the night bus. The main town was mainly full of temples and priests and some cool graffiti around. It was mere 2 hours walk around the city to finish things off. And funnily My shoe got dismembered (Yes that’s the perfect word to express my shoes’ condition), with little cash hand and no ATMs around I decided to dump my shoes and go back Bangalore barefoot. So I did, booked a bus, said goodbye to all the people I met over four days and it was my time to leave. Though I don’t know whether I will be back in Gokarna anytime soon (see, my bucket list is pretty long and my days are numbered), I know this is the one trip I needed, because I have learned one main lesson this time

“Love can’t give answers to all your troubles, But the road? it surely can”



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