The Rainman On The Road

I always prefer public transport when I have to travel, one reason being I can observe people, because I’m not much of a communicative being (main reason though I’m poor, rest is bullshit). So coming back to the point, my preferred choice of berth has always been the upper one, because it’s the only berth with independence, there you can do whatever fuck you want. People who has traveled on Howrah-Yeshvantpur Superfast they know the trouble for sure, it’s fucking 34-35 hours between two end points. So only thing to do is read, as laptops and cell phones start running out of charge pretty soon. And regular passengers will also know that this train is sort of an ambulance running on railway track, major number of passengers being patients getting treatments in Vellore.
So I was returning to Bangalore from Kolkata, and as usual it was my upper berth, me and my books. Just as the train was about to leave, two elderly passengers hurriedly boarded the train. And made their way to the coupe where I was allotted the berth. And with just a short glimpse the younger one of the two was behaving erratically, and it was not long before it was clear that he was differently abled, being a patient of autism. Since it was a night train everybody quickly had their dinner and went off to sleep. I could still see those two men. The elder one taking care of the younger one as much as possible. And my deduction was they are friends may be, one accompanying the other.
Next afternoon I was returning from the “TOILET” after a post lunch smoke, and just when I was about to climb to the berth, my eyes met the older one from last night’s passenger. He looked at me with a smile and said, “Hey young man, come down here. It’s a long journey, you will have enough time to finish your book”. His friend was in deep sleep, so I planned to talk with him a little and then climb back to sleep. As I went near, he motioned me to sit next to him. And we started talking, what I do, his work, retirement, and all the trivial questionnaire of two strangers. Then he said that he will be getting down around midnight, as he is too going to Vellore. So I asked, “It is for you or your friend?” and he laughed, I have seen very few laugh like that, he said “Oh. You mean him?” pointing at his friend, “that is my brother. Only half though.”, I guess I was visibly surprised, who the hell take care of their half siblings like that !! So he continued, “I didn’t know about him until our father was dead.”
“I haven’t seen people taking care of their own siblings, leave alone their half siblings!!”
“Is it so? But tell me is it the other person’s fault that our parents gave in to temptation? Or the choices they made? For all I know is he is my brother. And we got each other’s back.” Amazeballs!! Who the fuck is he? There are very few people whose feet I will touch as I see them as persons who make me feel little. And that day I wanted to touch his feet, though I refrained from the idea. We talked for a while and I went back to my little nest to read the book. But I could no longer concentrate.
c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_rain-px_1-195-195That night I had a dream, I dreamed those two men getting down in an unnamed station, their hands holding each other tight and the elder brother whispering to the younger one, “I like having you for my younger brother”. By the time I woke up next day, they were gone.“I like having you for my younger brother” I could only smile, Rainman (1988)How often do you see a 1988 movie’s partial real life inspiration?


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